Limited Scope Lawyer

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What Is a Limited Scope Lawyer?

Many times a husband and wife have reached an agreement on the division of their assets and liabilities and parenting issues. In some cases, a client is not looking for a full service attorney-client relationship. A client may be looking for an attorney to provide specific, limited services usually the drafting of the separation agreement and shared parenting plan. A client may also be looking for guidance through the court process. Hiring an attorney for a limited purpose will greatly reduce attorney fees. Every limited scope inquiry will begin with a detailed consultation to make sure the case is appropriate. As part of the limited scope services provided, the following are some of the documents which may be drafted as needed: Petition for Dissolution, Complaint for Divorce, Separation Agreement, Shared Parenting Plan, Child Support Worksheet, Decree of Dissolution, Decree of Divorce, Decree of Shared Parenting. Please note, in the event any unresolved issues surface, I will refer the issue back to the client to try to resolve with his or her spouse. If the parties are unable to resolve the issue, I will be available to assist the client with a resolution at my hourly rate.

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